EMM: Enterprise Mobility management

Enterprise mobile management solutions

Enterprise mobile management solutions

Evince is a name that you can trust as far as enterprise mobile management solutions are concerned for every operating system, for every device and for all mobile deployment.

We offer you scalable enterprise mobile solutions that makes management easier for you regardless of the device, the platform, the OS you use from the central console.

Enterprise mobile device management is not something that is easy and there are specific enterprise mobile apps those allow you to do it.

We at Evince develop such apps and offer you much more than just this.

We offer you industry-leading solutions and we make sure that you get the best. The requirements and needs of businesses differ and we keep in mind each of your preferences and needs in offering your enterprise mobile device management solutions.

Services offered

Mobile device management

Evince enterprise mobile apps allow you to manage all the devices from the central admin console and helps you to face the challenges those are associated with mobility. We offer you simplified and efficient solutions that let you integrate the devices in your enterprise environment and also allow for their quick update and configuration.

Workspace management

Our solutions offer complete differentiation of personal and professional date on your devices thereby maintaining employee privacy and securing your resources. Our enterprise mobility management solutions allow organizations and businesses to standardize data loss prevention policies and the security of your enterprise as well across mobile devices.

Mobile application management

Here we address the issues related to distributing, acquiring, tracking and securing your business mobile applications. We work on mobile enterprise application platforms and hence, there is nothing that you need to worry about no matter what platforms or OSs, your application/s run on. We all under the importance of having a customized business app these days but in order to make sure that your app is delivering the desired results, it is important that you track its performance as we ensure just that. You can easily manage and control all types of app from the central console.

Mobile content management

We offer secure access to your content from your mobile devices. We offer solutions to keep your sensitive content protected and allow users to have access to book reports or financial reports or sales material from their own devices.

Why choose us?

Security is why you should hire us and we make use of the top grade enterprise mobility management software to make sure that your data and reports are secured and at the same time we ensure that in doing so, your productivity is remains unaffected and make the useful application available in the mobile devices on your employees.

Be it your intellectual property or sensitive corporate data, our solution offers top notch security and allow you complete control over all these apps. With us, managing these applications is also easy and make sure that you get what exactly you are looking for.

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