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What is ERP and Why an ERP Software?

In the era of globalisation the main challenge for an organisation is to monitor its overall functionality by maintaining a streamlined and optimized process that provides the holistic overview of all the sectors of the set-up. Herein comes the very important and significant role of Enterprise Resource Planning and with that comes the need for software that manages and automates the overall functionality in this aspect.

The various modules of the ERP software include:

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Production or Engineering (as per the business domain)

Again all these modules need to be implemented properly by following all the phases of ERP Implementation which includes:

Discover & Planning

Here requirements are gathered by analysing the customer needs, existing issues if any etc. Then dedicated teams for every action are allocated and the project plan is chalked out.


High Level and Low Level designs of the product are created. System configuration is determined. Standard procedures are defined


This is the actual construction phase where the actual product is build per the design.


In this phase we validate and verify the product and fine tune its performance.


Post User Acceptance the product is made live in real time environment.


Post deployment changes and enhancements w.r.t. user requirements are made in this phase.

So it can be visibly perceived that implementing all the various modules of ERP through all its different phases is indeed an arduous task and needs specialists to perform the same. On the other hand it is also obvious that ERP Software Solutions and ERP Software Systems are essential for any organisation to sustain the ever changing market and also to supersede its competitors in case of revenue count.

Why Evince?

We at Evince provide the best software package that is not only robust but also provides optimum performance and that too in a budget that fits your pocket.

We have our own dedicated team for ERP packages varying from those for large scale organizations to Small and Mini scale set-ups.

Also we provide our customers with the privilege of Customize ERP Development methodology where we understand the specific needs of our diverse customers and accordingly design the tool that suits them as per their domain and area of business. Another main feature that we are offering is the Open Source ERP Software Solutions which is not only the unique one of its kind but has been substantiated by its landmark repute in the global arena.

Finally among our various specializations the most noteworthy is the ERP accounting software.

It encircles the various modules ranging from Accounts Payable/Receivable to General ledger and pacifies the usual pain of cost accounting by providing advanced options and considering in its ambit the factors like Enterprise Finance, Fixed Assets etc. In the end it gives a clear picture of the performance through a financial report and simultaneously highlights the compliance to sales and user tax that today are one of the major factors of business credibility.

So if you want to prosper your business then join hands with us by choosing any of our ERP products from the wide range that we have in offer.

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